Godaddy can not add GST in the bill from Indian Customers

On 15 August 2017, I made an order on Godaddy. Godaddy is an MNC and they didn't provide a proper invoice. They didn't mention their or mine GSTIN on the bill but they added 18% GST.

I called the customer care of Godaddy. They refused to help.
Then I took the case to Godaddy on Twitter.
Moral of the story, you need not pay GST to Godaddy or any other MNC if they don't mention their GST number on the bill. 

OnlineTyari and ThinkExam hacked by a Russian Hacker

Yesterday I got an email from an anonymous email stating that -

i have all Think Exam ( and onlineytari ( databases.
there are more than 1.000.000 account on think exam,3.000.000 account in onlineytari... mail,phone number ,address,city,and all information they have.all of are real person from India and all of are interesting with exams.i think this data is very useful about your can advertise your website and services this target profiles.also have more than 300.000 questions..quiz's,PDF and many many things.
if you interesting send me mail , i can proof

That was interesting. I asked him to prove his claim. He then asked me to give a registered account on any of the above mentioned accounts.


I met my Bully, He is a Drug Addict now

Yes, I was bullied.

I was bullied from 6th standard till 10th.

I was a chubby and fair Sardar who use to score highest in each subject.

I use to make notes for all the subjects because I didn't like the guides. Everybody started thinking that my notes were the key to their success. Once I saw two guys stole my notes and then they were fighting for it's "Ownership". As they were quite long and it we were all poor and they couldn't afford to take photocopies.

I wasn't interested in fighting with them but I was made to do all that.

Today I met my Inspiration - A Poor Girl with BIG DREAMS

Today I arrived my office at 9:45 AM, 15 mins earlier than usual time.

A girl who works in a nearby office was waiting for her boss. I asked her to have a seat at my office. She calls me "Bhaiya" and she is around 17 years old.

We had a small conversation that actually moved me.

I asked where she come from and why she is doing a job at the age 17.

She is poor.

How to select a Domain for your startup

Choosing a domain name for a personal blog is a very difficult task. Most of the times every combination along with your name is available but not your exact name.

As I wanted to buy or but my bad luck. Both were already booked. Owner of the is asking for Rs.1,44,000. Are you serious !

Launch of my personal blog

Today I am happy to write my first post on my personal blog. I spent 4 years in helping my readers to crack competitive exams. During this period I gone through technologies that helped me to create interactive learning content. My readers love my content.

Here on DigitalRaman I will share all my experiences related to Indian Online Education industry.

I hope many people will subscribe to my updated via Feedburner.