How to select a Domain for your startup

Choosing a domain name for a personal blog is a very difficult task. Most of the times every combination along with your name is available but not your exact name.

As I wanted to buy or but my bad luck. Both were already booked. Owner of the is asking for Rs.1,44,000. Are you serious !

It's a personal blog so I didn't want to burn money on a domain.

But I learnt a lesson that while listing your domain for sale, set a realistic price. I could pay upto Rs.10,000 for above mentioned domains and according to me I am the most eligible buyer for that domain. (As of now and I am not bragging)

I don't think there are many bloggers or any prominent personality with the same name.

Criteria for domain search

  1. Your new domain should never conflict with any existing and reputed brand
  2. It should be short, 6-10 characters is my favourite range
  3. 1/3 characters of the domain name should be a vowel because it makes a domain easy to spell.
  4. Relevance - Domain name should be relevant to the content. For example 
  5. Brandable - Last but not the least. It should be brandable and easy to remember. It should be unique. 
  6. Avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain
  7. Stick to .com domain extension for a profit making commercial organization or even a blog. Everybody adds ".com" to a brand name while searching for it. If anybody is already having it's .com extension then he can literally pressurise you in case your project picks up. Avoid such situation right away.

Best Domain Suggestion Tool


The award for best domain suggestion tool goes to - LeanDomainSearch.
lean domain search

Yeah! I have seen many tools but LeanDomainSearch is best. Previously it was a premium tool but in 2013 it was taken over by Automattic inc, the maker of WordPress. They have enough and can afford to give such product for free. So you are getting a premium product for free.

Use your brain

I own 38 domains. I know it's crazy but yes it's true. Around 15-16 of them are in working mode and most of them are providing revenue or at least covering their cost.

The best domain I ever choose came from random ideas from my brain. For example :-

1) I wanted to choose an easy to spell and short domain for a new project. "" was my inspiration. I used all the characters, finally "".

2) LeanDomainSearch or any other automatic domain suggestion never provides "Desi" or "Local" words recommendations while they are very popular and brandable to the local target market.

For example - I purchased "", no domain suggestion tool can recommend such name but it's easy to remember yet brandable in Punjab.

Another interesting example is "", they are market leader in banking exams news and the word "Adda" is something unique and brandable. Using a informal name actually helped them to build their brand among their target audience. Their target audience is young graduate between the age of 20-30.

"" is the American version of above example. Daddy is an informal word and the domain gives an informal message.

I hope the above techniques and recommendation will help you to give name to your dream project.

Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India