Instamojo Review : After using the service for 2 years

After using Instamojo payment gateway for 2 years, today I am writing a review on it. Founder Sampad Swain asked me to list the good things about Instamojo so I'll try to do that.

Features that I am expecting

Exporting customers data

Thousands of readers have purchased my ebooks and DVDs via Instamojo. Their data is precious for me so I download the data once in a month or so. It's very difficult to do that via Instamojo dashboard as you can download 500 records at a time so I need to merge the data via Excel and it increases the labour. There should be one click button to do that.

Many times customers don't get mails

This is my permanent complaint. From past 1 year I am asking the Instamojo developers to fix this issue. Customers are not getting mails in the spam folder. This issue should be fixed.

There should be a button in the Sales and Customers page to send the duplicate mail containing download link and capability f the system to select multiple customers at a time.

Updated ebooks for existing customers

I update my ebooks once in a month. This is one of the primary reason why customers buy ebooks. I want to give free updates to my customers. I know this might increase the costs for Instamojo but that's an essential feature for authors in education industry.

Mobile operator billing payments and mobile wallet

That's the future of micro payments in India. I have seen people at are doing that. I tried to contact them but they didn't reply. Many customers don't have debit cards/Internet banking and many don't want to make online payments. Mobile operator billing is the solution. I think it's easy for customers. It will increase the conversion rate so sellers will be the winners.

I am not sure about wallets. I don't think you'll invest your time and money on it and it's really risky.

UI of new Instamojo

Simply I don't like the UI of new Instamojo. Old one was really good.

What do you mean by these icons in Resolution center, I am not intelligent enough to understand the meaning of these icons.

That's a personal opinion. May be I am not yet used to the small fonts and new UI. I hate to learn new things.

Make it simple for customers to make payment

It's possible to use Maestro cards on Instamojo but customers don't know how to do so. Help them to understand that they can use Maestro cards.

It's already very simple to make payments via Instamojo but I am looking for way where the customers need not to fill the details every time they make a purchase. You can add a button to save the payment mode and details for future use. 

Mobile operator billing is a difficult task for you but it'll make a crazy impact on our conversion rate.

Good things that your competitors are doing

I am also using Payumoney. Things that I have noticed.
  • They give failed payment notification. That's a cool feature. Although I am using it as of now but I am planning to start making call back to customers who tried to make a purchase.
  • Conversion ratio is bit higher. I don't have any proof for that but I get less complaint regarding payments when I use PayUmoney.
  • Their support is really responsive. I know you are a startup and gradually you'll become big but that where they win.
  • As per developers, it's easy to integrate PayUmoney API to the softwares. I am not a developer so I am not sure about it.

Things I love about Instamojo

  • It's easy to start
  • Only way to sell ebooks online
  • Easy to use dashboard (But now you changed the UI) 
  • Easy to make refunds to dissatisfied customers
Back in 2013 I was an unemployed guy who knew the basics of blogging. I knew how to make a blog but it wasn't possible to survive or grow by Adsense money. It was difficult for me to set up a big portal. CCavenue and EBS rejected my application because they didn't want to do business with such a small entity. Further it was very difficult to set up CCavenue. Instamojo changed my life. It was never so easy to sell ebooks. I made 3 sales on the first day. That day I stopped searching for a job. +Instamojo Team actually helped me to continue my blogging journey. I heard that these guys got more investment and they are going to make it big, you guys deserve it! 


Design 3/5
Simplicity 5/5
Usability - 5/5
Support 2/5
Product 5/5 (It's unique)
Reliability - 5/5 (After using their service for 2 years I can say that they are honest)
Overall - 4/5

My question

  1. How to integrate Instamojo with an Android application. I want to integrate it with GK Digest Android application. Right now I am using direct links.
  2. Is it possible to integrate Instamojo with Sendy(email newsletter system) 
  3. I just saw Sampad's post on Quora, when you are going to this feature live :-
    instamojo store

I know my opinion is vague but that's my style and I am not going to change it !

Hope to get a comment from Instamojo.

Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India