I met my Bully, He is a Drug Addict now

Yes, I was bullied.

I was bullied from 6th standard till 10th.

I was a chubby and fair Sardar who use to score highest in each subject.

I use to make notes for all the subjects because I didn't like the guides. Everybody started thinking that my notes were the key to their success. Once I saw two guys stole my notes and then they were fighting for it's "Ownership". As they were quite long and it we were all poor and they couldn't afford to take photocopies.

I wasn't interested in fighting with them but I was made to do all that.

Today I met my Inspiration - A Poor Girl with BIG DREAMS

Today I arrived my office at 9:45 AM, 15 mins earlier than usual time.

A girl who works in a nearby office was waiting for her boss. I asked her to have a seat at my office. She calls me "Bhaiya" and she is around 17 years old.

We had a small conversation that actually moved me.

I asked where she come from and why she is doing a job at the age 17.

She is poor.