I met my Bully, He is a Drug Addict now

Yes, I was bullied.

I was bullied from 6th standard till 10th.

I was a chubby and fair Sardar who use to score highest in each subject.

I use to make notes for all the subjects because I didn't like the guides. Everybody started thinking that my notes were the key to their success. Once I saw two guys stole my notes and then they were fighting for it's "Ownership". As they were quite long and it we were all poor and they couldn't afford to take photocopies.

I wasn't interested in fighting with them but I was made to do all that.

I still have few marks on my body.

I deeply understand the feeling of "Being a Minority". Even while most of them were Sikhs but there are "Castes", "Sub-castes", "Gotras" etc. There are endless ways to divide people.

Till date I am unable to understand the concept of "Reservation". They were a group of 9-10 guys. All of them had new uniforms and they use to spend a lot of money on useless stuffs. They use to apply gels on their hairs, had bikes, new clothes.

These SC-OBC guys were getting Free Uniforms, Books, Fee concession, Free computer classes, Scholarship and everything that you can imagine. In short They were getting VIP treatment.

On other hand, I was poor. My father was raising 4 children. I had just 1 Shirt and a trouser. I never went to school on saturdays because I didn't have "White Trousers". I was the topper of both sections consisting 150 students. But I never got Free books or uniforms. Forget about scholarship. I could perform better in board exams if I had resources on time.

Once I saw that those "VIP students" had a party with the scholarship money. They went to "Hardy's World" a water park and had beer.

Seriously !!!!

Do they really need scholarship.

I don't mind what somebody is getting. But don't you think I was deserving ?

I don't give a fuck about Reservation. In normal day to day life we give some relaxation to physically disabled people but if someone thinks that his ancestors were exploited some 2000 years or in some remote areas then please take it. I don't mind but give me my right. I performed better that 149 students but I never got any benefit.

Somehow I scored 77% in class 12. I was one of top three scorers in my class. Cutoff for General was 84% while there it was 56% for SC. I was speechless.

Within last few months I met many of my bullies. Most of them are "Drug Addicts". "Udta Punjab" is the real picture of Punjab. Many of them are so weak and they about to die within next few days.

"About to Die" - That's a harsh reality. Thousands of people are dying due to drug overdose.

Now these guys meet me like