Today I met my Inspiration - A Poor Girl with BIG DREAMS

Today I arrived my office at 9:45 AM, 15 mins earlier than usual time.

A girl who works in a nearby office was waiting for her boss. I asked her to have a seat at my office. She calls me "Bhaiya" and she is around 17 years old.

We had a small conversation that actually moved me.

I asked where she come from and why she is doing a job at the age 17.

She is poor.

She completed her 12th last month and don't have money for a private college. She secured 71% marks but she belongs to General category she "No Reservation".

She said
SC hoti to ghar se leke jaate college wale.

Let's move forward.

I asked here how much she make.

She told me that she makes Rs.5000 a month. She come via auto from a town that is 30 kilometer away from her office. She spend Rs.1500 for travelling.


She is going to get less than Rs.200 for a day and she is travelling 60km for that.

Within last months she changed two jobs. In her last job, she was molested by her team leader ! Her team leader is married man with kids.

She told me that she is going to take admission in corresponse course and will go to computer classes.

I wanted to help her but "SHE WASN'T EXPECTING ANY HELP". and yes, she don't need any help.

This 17 years old, 5 feet long kid is my inspiration. That's how YOU should fight with circumstances.

If you think that your life is difficult than think about her, You can't bear a day of her life.

I know she will solve all her problems because she is doing this with a KILLER SMILE. It seems that she is laughing at her problems.

After a couple of weeks

One of her seniors stole the customer data and started her own agency. That led to job cut their office.

Her boss fired her.

She asked me for a reference, I hired her at a decent salary !

Now she helps users. She is working with me from last 3 days. I am learning a lot from her. I am lazy in replying emails and comments. She never do that. In case you ask here to call me after 30 mins, she is going to call you exact after 30 mins. Laziness is not in her dictionary. That's how everybody should deal with the thing "LIFE".

After a week of her joining

Ok, I hired her as "Customer Support Executive" without even an interview. That's unprofessional. I shouldn't have mixed my projects with emotions. She don't know how to turn on a computer and take a print out. Further she can't speak English.

She is bit dirty and unhygienic. My team member didn't appreciate my decision of hiring her.

But that was my decision, I just can't let a passionate girl loose her hopes just because he didn't have resources to learn.

I wrote her a pitch both in English and Hindi. Then I gave her a 30 minutes "Language Accent Training" and then taught her to manage the admin dashboards and take printouts. Her team mates weren't helping her.

And yes !!!! She proved everybody wrong again that too within a week. Now she is helping all the non-hindi users. Now she can speak English and she makes a track of her sales. sales increased notably. She gave life to a lazy project.

She made me her one month's salary in a week.

Yes! she is going to get a pay hike within a month. That's record.

Lesson learnt - Believe in your 6th sense and Believe more in Humanity.
Location: Ludhiana, Punjab 141001, India